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What Tyndall has to say

We have already spent considerable time examining the area known as the Slums, but today we will discuss the area to the west of that, officially called Westview, but more often referred to as the Barrens of the City. You may have believed, justifiably, that the Slums is a dirty, dilapidated place where hope seems a rare commodity. You would be correct, but I will warn you that these traits take on a nearly admirable quality when contrasted with the Barrens.

The primary group of Exiles controlling the Barrens are, for lack of a better term, a family. I know it seems very strange, but Machines can reproduce themselves and create programs of their own, thus having, in a manner of speaking, children. The progenitors of this particular group are a pair of exiles that have come to be known as Mr. Black and Dame White. The two parents covet each other's power, but seem to work against each other primarily through their children. The siblings compete for the attention and favor of both parents, as well as covertly operating for each parent against the other. The emotional turmoil of the conflict and the mental and physical exercise involved in waging it are their bread and butter.


Bathory Row
Gracy Heights
Guinness Lake
Lucero Point
Manssen Park
Rogers Way
Sobra Shores