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Game Basics: Abilities and Disciplines

The Matrix Online uses a very different system for abilities than other MMO's. As a redpill progresses through the game, they will come across opportunities to obtain additional ability codes. Depending on their level, a redpill can load a certain number of the Ability Codes they have discovered, once placed in their Code Archive. This is basically a user's memory capacity. Two key factors in determining which Ability Codes can be loaded are a redpill's level, and the number and kind of abilities they have currently loaded.

Abilities are organized into groups of 6-8 abilities called Disciplines, and these Disciplines are organized in a vast tree of options. In order to use Abilities from a given discipline, a redpill must use abilities from the entire branch structure, ending with the specific Discipline that is loaded. What makes this method of skill-development so different, is that at any time a redpill can change their entire selection of loaded abilities by simply accessing their Code Archive via the closest hardline. This feature, unique to The Matrix Online, which assures no redpill, is ever limited to one specific class. A redpill is only limited by the number of abilities they have found, purchased or crafted for themselves.

Each Ability, when loaded into memory, gives a specific benefit. Some Abilities allow a redpill to perform a specific combat maneuver, while others give a bonus to certain kinds of actions or attacks. Still others will give the player totally new Abilities, like being able to make dramatic jumps from rooftop to rooftop, or crafting bits of code into useable, sellable and tradable objects with the Matrix. As an additional layer of functionality, many of these Ability Codes can be leveled up when $Information is spent. Once infused with the additional $Information, Ability Codes will never loose the additional power that leveling up brings.