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Game Basics: Character Creation

The first thing to do , once you have created an account, is to choose a server on which to create your first character. You are limited to a single character per server, although you may have characters on many different servers. If you are planning on playing with other people make sure you are all playing on the same server. Once you have selected a server, you will be prompted to select a personality archetype. Though this choice will affect your character's initial capabilities, everybody changes after taking the red pill and you will be given the chance to alter your character's attributes as you gain experience.

The next step is to create an appearance for your character's RSI (Residual Self Image). Spend some time now on choosing your physical traits because they cannot be changed after this point. The one exception is clothing, which you will see is limited here, but that will soon be remedied. Once you jack in and start exploring the Matrix you will find yourself overwhelmed with new and stylish options for just about any taste.

Male or Female?

Physical Traits

Choose Your Outfit