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Game Basics: Levelling Up

As in any MMO, a redpill's goal is to increase their experience. There are many ways to do this, some of them faster than others. Dependant upon a redpill's preference and strategy, each method of advancement will have different advantages. The most common ways to increase one's experience is to defeat enemies or complete missions, but you can also gain valuable experience by finding Access Nodes, successfully performing crafting actions, tapping Data Nodes, and a multitude of other activities unique to The Matrix Online. Once a redpill has gained enough experience, they will gain a capacity for greater Health, Inner Strength, Memory Capacity and additional Attribute Points to distribute at the redpill's discretion.

This increase allows a redpill to level up their abilities. Many Abilities, like Awakened, become incrementally more powerful as they increase in level, while others must be combined with other Abilities before they can be loaded. Increases in experience require the budgeting of $information to assure that one's Abilities are an effective addition to their personal arsenal.

Redpills are given the opportunity to raise their Attribute Levels as levels are gained. This is a critical.