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Game Basics: More Game Information

The Matrix Online "MMO" Glossary
What on earth is an Exile Hideout? Awakened Redpill? Learn what all The Matrix jargon really translates into, especially if your come from a MMO gaming background.

Introduction to Combat in The Matrix Online
This article covers all the introductory bases of The Matrix Online combat system. One of the great things about The Matrix Online if the 'Wire-Fu' combat that is possible while playing the game. This article will help steer your adjustment to this system while jacked in.

Introduction to Abilities and Disciplines in The Matrix Online
Want to be a Duel Gun Wielding Assassin today and a Kung-Fu Grandmaster tonight? Then read this introduction to the extremely flexible disciplines system in The Matrix Online.

The Art of the Duel (PvP)
Yes there is Player vs. Player combat inside of The Matrix Online! You can either Duel and opponent, or visit the Archive. Check out some great hints and tips on being a successful dueler in The Matrix Online.