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Game Basics: Non Player Characters

Throughout Mega City there are all kinds of helpful NPC's. Understanding how to find them and what they can do to help you is essential to success in the Matrix, especially to the newly Awakened redpill. There are vendors of all kinds, exiles looking for help, and ambassadors from each of the organizations offering help.

Vendors are generally found near Hardlines, and specialize in specific wares; some sell clothing, others sell Abilities from a specific branch, while others sell items and equipment. Finding these Vendors is vital to the success of any redpill. The vendors of Mara Central and Tabor Park West are always a good place to seek new Ability Codes.

Throughout the city, in parks, clubs, and other points of interest, a redpill can find Exiles seeking more than just $information in trade for goods and services. Many Exiles are on the lookout for hearty redpills equipped to handle special missions; missions serving to help the Exile in question achieve their own social, political and personal goals and ambitions. These Exiles will often have no allegiances, though accepting their missions may have a detrimental effect on your standing with a particular organization. On the other hand, many of these Exiles will give rewards far greater than a mission assigned by a particular Organization.

Though Zion is the only Organization to offer newly Awakened redpills their first missions, other Organizations are always on the lookout for talented individuals to do their bidding. In many of the areas where the Awakened congregate, you will find Exiles offering advice mixed with propaganda. These Exiles can be a huge help, but one should be careful not to mistake their political opinions as facts. Politics within the Matrix can be a hard nut to crack, any redpills moving up the ranks of a particular Organization could find that independent Exiles and members of opposing Organizations will ignore them entirely. Such is the way of the volatile political landscape in the world of The Matrix Online.