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Game Basics: Team Play

Playing in groups is a very important part of MMO's and The Matrix Online makes sure that players interested in this have lots of options. By right clicking on another player, they can be invited to join a Mission Team. Anyone on a mission team can start a mission, and the entire group can then work together to complete a mission, all the while sharing the experience and loot as they move through the Mission's Objectives. In fact, experience and loot are always shared when redpills work together to take down an enemy. In this way, a redpill never has to worry about someone coming in at the last moment and delivering the killing blow, thereby stealing the glory of victory.

Redpills can also opt to create and join small Crews, which are lead by a Captain. Members of a Crew can elect to share money, and much more. Crew Captains also have the ability to join forces with similarly aligned Captains to create a Faction. Factions allow for massive groups of redpills to align themselves with one another, and through that process, they can assign ranks, and work together on an exponentially larger scale than a Crew of a lone Hovercraft could. Between Teams, Crews, and Factions, there are organizational opportunities to suit any redpill's tastes.