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Game Basics: The Chat System

The chat system offers four in-game chat channels, as well as a unique way of chatting with individuals outside the game environment. To activate the chat window, a redpill has only to hit enter, type your message, and hit enter once more to send off their communication. There are four chat channels, consisting of the Area Chat, Mission Team Chat, Crew Chat, and Faction Chat. For ease and usability, a redpill can customize the color schemes of the aforementioned chat interface to their specifications.

As mentioned before, one of the most interesting features of The Matrix Online is the ability to communicate with individuals outside of the environs of the Matrix. Upon creation of a character, a corresponding AIM account is created, looking something like [character name] Anybody using the AIM service can communicate with someone inside the Matrix, just as they would when using the AIM client outside of the Matrix. A redpill can also add AIM users to a Buddy List, and communicate with them just as they would with another person in-game. It is in this way that finding key team members is as easy as opening a buddy list and requesting they jack into the Matrix.