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Game Basics: The Combat System

Combat readiness is extremely important within The Matrix Online, as a redpill will frequently experience dangerous and violent encounters during their explorations. Combat prowess and abilities become a key factor in completing missions and successfully maneuvering through random encounters with hostile parties. A redpill should always strive towards mastering combat within the Matrix.

There are two major types of combat in The Matrix Online: Interlock close combat and Free-Fire ranged combat. Interlock is, to many people, the signature fighting style of The Matrix. When a master of the martial arts enters Interlock, time will appear to slow, dramatically highlighting the fluidity and intricacy of a particular combat move.

Interlock Combat

Free Fire Combat

Coder Attack!

When a redpill enters close combat they are given the option to use either a standard combat tactic, or engaging in a special move. Standard tactics form the basis of your combat abilities, and special moves are the decisive blows required to win crucial battles.

While it is important to note that all redpills have access to the same combat tactics, each special attack is linked with a specific Ability Code, and a redpill can only use an Ability once it is loaded. With hundreds of special moves, a redpill engaging in combat can never quite know what to expect from their attacker.

Free-Fire combat is ranged combat, a style which allows a redpill to move around during combat. While any player can use firearms in Free-Fire, those who have specialized abilities for gun combat will have a decided advantage. In addition, Hackers are able to use their full arsenal of programs while in combat, with everything from basic attacks and healing to group buffs and de-buffs at their disposal. Unlike combat in Interlock, Free-Fire combat is not broken up into rounds. Though each attack can only be used so often, a redpill can initiate them at any time. A key tactic to be aware of: a close-combat fighter will almost always try to close in on their opponent, rather than allow them the advantage of Free-Fire combat.