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Game Basics: The Experience System

The Matrix Online features a traditional RPG experience system where you gain XP as you defeat enemies, and complete missions and objectives. The Matrix Online offers a mission system which rewards your mission team for completing individual objectives throughout the mission as well as a larger XP payoff when you complete the entire mission. Other ways to get XP include battling exile gangs, searching out access nodes, and crafting.

The experience system also supports teams so that you can go on missions or fight gangs with a group and the XP will be shared across the group based on their contributions. This system will also split XP when people outside of the same team work together. This means that you don't need to worry about somebody stealing your XP if you have done 90% of the work you will get 90% of the XP when the enemy is defeated. This feature also meant that people often form spontaneous teams when a powerful gang appears.