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Game Basics: The Mission System

Missions are central to The Matrix Online, as they are the first point of contact for the Zion, Machine, and Exile Organizations. Consequently, missions serve as the most effective way for a redpill to engage and affect the overarching storyline. Missions also serve as a great source for both experience and information, in addition to being one of the ways a redpill can find very rare clothing and equipment.

When a redpill enters the Matrix for the first time, they are able to embark on a mission immediately. To do so, they have only to open the Mission Panel and choose the first Zion mission. Although the redpills will eventually have the freedom to accept missions from any of the three Organizations, it is Zion that provides the necessary training for all fledgling redpills. As a redpill grows in ability and capacity, the other Organizations will take a decidedly aggressive interest in their services.

Contact a Controller

Choose a Mission

Read the Briefing

Once a mission has been accepted, a redpill will need to look at their compass, or map, which will identify the direction they need to go in. Once in a mission there are several things to pay attention to. First and foremost, a redpill need to pay close attention to both the operator and controller for the instructions necessary to complete a mission. A successful conclusion to a mission requires that a redpill do everything that is asked of them. To that end, the Mission Panel can be accessed throughout a mission, allowing the redpill to see a list of the current mission objectives. It is important to note that a redpill will come across many different kinds of containers throughout their mission- a thorough check of those containers could yield any number of valuable and rare items.

Review Your Objectives

Follow the Target

Once a redpill completes the current list of assigned objectives, they will receive a notification instructing them to leave the current area. It is important that a redpill heed that advice, in order to receive their next set of orders or to avoid certain danger. Once a redpill has completed all of the assigned objectives related to a specific mission, they will be rewarded for their efforts with an experience bonus upon leaving the mission area.