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MxO - Advanced Coding
Matrix Online Guides - Strategies - Tips

1. Advanced Coding
A) Improving your success
B) Clothing to help
C) Becoming a professional Coder
D) Can't find disguises?
E) Red Fragments

2. Getting your hands on Code Bits

2.1 Making Something Out of Nothing

2.2 Buy your way out of trouble

2.3 Loot in Missions and Decompile it all


This is the second part of the article on Coding, offering advanced tips and tricks in becoming a coder.

1. Advanced Coding

A) Improving your success

The basic rule is that you'll only have a chance of decomping, compiling or repairing items and writing code for abilies or items if they are within your skill range. Typically if an item is orange, red or purple you've got no chance of success, blue or yellow you may get lucky, green very likely and grey guaranteed. That means that those special items you find you'll probably want to wait on decompiling or repairing until you're high enough level and they're at least green, so as not to risk losing them permanently.

For writing code you'll need to make sure your Write Code ability has been leveled to the appropriate level for what you want to write. Similarly upgrading your programmer or crafter abilities will dramatically improve your chances, as will raising your level. The same logic applies to decompiling and compiling, but if you follow the item colour rule above it won't go wrong.

B) Clothing to help

You can find clothes with upgrades (buffs) to help you with all of the coding abilities, the most common of which are for decompile, write code and compile. As for other special clothes these can be found by chance as you play the game, may be for sale at the marketplace, can be traded from other players. It can be annoying to fail in coding or decompiling as a new player and it will be frequent if you don't find the right clothes, so make them a priority if you want to advance in this area.

C) Becoming a professional Coder

If you're going to take coding seriously you'll need to make sure you apply plenty of Reason attributes when you level so programming is a particularly nice compliment to the hacker tree.

You'll also need a decent supply of green code bits which will eventually fill your code archive so if you haven't worked this out yet, note that codebits as well as green and red frags will stack in stacks of 20 giving you more space.

D) Can't find disguises?

Confusingly if you've decompiled them they're in the Awakened Tools category.

E) Red Fragments

Red fragments are available by chance as you play the game. If you don't already have the fragment it can be found from gangs listed here. They are also available in abundance by killing bosses in the Archive Construct. They are also occasionally on the marketplace but almost never at prices you'll want to pay.

2. Getting your hands on Code Bits

Ironically if you're a Hacker/Programmer you probably do more general coding than other players and you never run out of codebits since they can be decompiled from any items you find and do not need. However if you're an operative, and always needing pills you'll want a more constant supply of codebits. Here are some tips for getting your hands on those bits.

2.1 Making Something Out of Nothing

If you create an item code, compile all the items and then decompile them again you'll have a net gain in green code bits:

A) It's better to compile and decompile something cheap, not pills. Redpill specials or plain slacks work well since there's only a 1 info cost to compile

B) Experiment with compiling and decompiling different things - if you're an operative you'll want something that decompiles to 3 and 4 code bits since you'll need these more frequently for for pills. However, note that you don't get all the bits that were used to make the object, just a random selection. So even if your object is high in 3 and 4 bits it does not mean that you'll get them everytime.

This idea is going to take a lot of time though - so if you're a person that want to power level you might want to try one of the alternative ways of getting bits below:

2.2 Buy your way out of trouble

You can go to a vendor and buy a whole bunch of cheap items which you then decompile for code bits. Some suggestions are:

Araskiki leather gloves (600 info only) commonly gives you everything but 3s and 5s.

Basic shot gun (1000 info) often gives you a ton of 3s and 5s.

If you buy say 20 of each and decompile them all you'll get enough code bits to keep you out of trouble for a while.

2.3 Loot in Missions and Decompile it all

When you're doing missions, loot everything, this doesn't just mean from the goons, check all the filing cabinets/desks/boxes/safes etc. You can do a quick sweep of a room once you've entered and just open what shows. A lot of the time you either get the bits themselves or common items that you can decompile for bits. If you're a hacker, you don't really need more pills than you find generally so you probably won't need to do this - the items you pick up from searches will give you more than enough to decompile.