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MxO - Arbelast
Matrix Online Guides - Strategies - Tips


Similar to its predecessor, Arbelast continues the hacker specialty in aggressive and offensive viral attacks against single opponents by adding three additional and more effective viruses. It is typically less useful for use against multiple targets, unless used in combination with another tree providing abilities to pacify while you finish them off one by one. Becoming an Arbelast takes removes the necessity to interlock and firmly beyond the trickier 'mid teens' of the hacker tree.


Stand Off (Resist Viruses 17)

This ability provides a nice upgrade to your combat evasion ability, and stacks with Gaussian Blur, reducing your chances of being drawn into interlock. The in-game description explains that this ability requires Evade Combat to be active (as for blur), but in fact you can use it without evade combat if you should need to.

Logic Blast 2.0 (Stand Off 20)

A more powerful version of the Hacker?s Logic Blast ability, with a higher damage output of 82 - 330 points.

Logic Cannon 1.0 (Stand Off 20)

A whopping cannon of a hacking virus for 250-800 pts of damage, Logic Cannon is the first super viral attack that is available to this tree. It best used in combination with other attacks since it has a long cast and recharge time. Arguably more useful than its future upgrade Cannon 2.0, which has an considerably longer cast time, 16 seconds, for less than twice the damage.

Logic Barrage 3.0 (Stand Off 26)

A more powerful version of the Virologist's Logic Barrage ability, with a higher damage output of 120 - 480 points.

Upgrade Attacks (Stand Off 22, Logic Blast 2.0)

A useful upgrade to your viral attacks adding a punch of additional damage which stacks on top of the damage applied by the base virus.

Stun 1.0 (Stand Off 28, Logic Barrage 3.0)

Previously, this was ability that made hackers almost invincible to Operatives, at least to those who didn't understand Viral Deflection. Unlike the pacify abilities in the Skript Kiddie or Network Hacker tree, which wear off as soon as the opponent is attacked, Stun holds the opponent until the timer runs out, allowing them to be attacked constantly by viruses. Unlikely to be as useful in the future - Hackers will have to remember and then reapply the anti-interlock abilities, particularly Blind, which they perfected as Virologists.

Ballista (Logic Barrage 3.0, Stand Off 30, Logic Blast 2.0)

A great improvement in Hacking abilities, Ballista will improve both the viral transmission to increase the chances of breaking the deflection of other hackers, and increase the damage applied by viruses whenever they get through for all opponents.