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MxO - Basic Coding
Matrix Online Guides - Strategies - Tips

Section 1 - Pre Basics
A) What is Coding & Why Code?
B) Basic Terms Explained

Section 2 - The Basics

Basic Equipment
A) Decompile Tool
B) Repair Items Tool
C) Code Analyzer Tool
D) Code Compiler Tool


Many guides about crafting in the Matrix assume some basic knowledge of the subject from other MMOs, confusing new players to this type of game. This guide assumes no knowledge of crafting from other games so if you're already familiar with the concept you can skip to section 2.

Section 1 - Pre Basics

A) What is Coding & Why Code?

Coding is the capability to make items and codes in the Matrix. There are many reasons why you might want to do this:

I) To create abilities or items for your character that you do not already possess at a far cheaper cost than you can buy from a vendor or another player
II) To create abilities or items which you can sell, either to players directly or on the game market place to make a profit.
III) To repair items which have been damaged so that they may be used again.
IV) To duplicate items for yourself which can no longer be repaired
V) To duplicate items for friends, or players aligned with you to improve their gameplay.
VI) To store items for the future which you do not need and would otherwise take up inventory space.

B) Basic Terms Explained


Players of MXO use terms such as coder, programmer, compiler and crafter interchangeably. Since the meanings vary this can be confusing for new players. The simple definitions are below, and exclude the very limited defensive or offensive options available to you when you're set up in the coding tree.

I) Coder

The term "Coder" in MXO is actually a whole discipline including crafting, summoning/creating guards (Simulacras, or pets in other MMOs), hacking (spells) and physical combat. Coders of all types however share the "Write Code" ability which can be used to create the most basic abilities or item blueprints (item code) in the Matrix. They can also turn these blueprints into real items within the loading area of the game (called compiling). Ability codes do not need to be compiled since they are virtual and remain stored in your code storage (Code Archive) in the Loading Area.

II) Programmer

Programmers distinguish themselves from other coders by being able to decompile items, meaning that they can 'learn the code' to recreate them in the future. They can write code for more advanced abilities or items than coders and also repair items. Finally they benefit from a reduced cost of writing or compiling code.

III) Code Crafters

Code Crafters can write code for the most advanced items or abilities in the game, provided they have the required ability to do so and unlike programmers or basic coders can compile without entering the loading area.

Other Important Concepts

IV) Item Stability

Before starting to code, you need to know a little about the items you're trying to create. When you mouse over an item in your inventory you'll see that it shows a large circle or semicircle next to the item name. It may also show a number of smaller circles next to this.

Code Bits

Code bits are the most basic data in the Matrix and are used to create green fragments which are merged to make an ability or item code. You can think of them as the raw materials in creating code. Code Bits come in 8 basic types - 1 through 8!

Red Fragments

All higher level ability and item codes require red fragments in order to be coded. Unlike green fragements, these cannot be made and are quite rare. They are dropped when you kill certain gang members in the game or can be obtained from the dangerous Open PvP Archive areas of the game where other players can attack you without warning. You may also occasionally find them while completing missions. If you wish to become a high level coder you should look after any red fragments you find and upload them to your code archive for safekeeping.

VI) Code Archive

This tool lets you decompile (deconstruct) items you find in the Matrix so that you can learn their code. It can only be used by higher level coders, called programmers, and so you cannot use it when you first start the game. To decompile you must have the programmer decompile ability loaded. Then select something in your inventory and click on the tool icon in the hotbar. If you succeed you'll have one of four results

I) You'll learn the code gaining a small amount of xp in the process

II) you'll convert the item to green code bits if you've previously learned it

III) you'll fail to decompile because your skill is not high enough and lose the item forever.

IV) you'll be told that the item cannot be decompiled, if it is an unique or special item.

B) Repair Items Tool

This tool comes free to all players at the start of the game and is where the code structures from any items you have decompiled end up. You'll also find that all ability codes are listed in the tool. To use this tool you must have at a minimum the write code ability loaded. To write code for more advanced items you will also need to have the relevant abilities within the Code Crafter tree loaded or you may not see the item or abilty in the analyzer. Also without crafter abilities your failure rate will be very high. There are two outcomes from using the tool.

I) Creating abilities

Click on the Code Analyzer tool in your hotbar and a window will pop up. Select Ability Codes in the first drop down on the left and then the type of ability in the next box. Finally you'll need to select the level of the ability.

To actually make the ability code click on the ability you want to make. The code will be displayed in the panel on the right and you'll see the fragments you need to create it. These will be dark green if you don't own the fragment but can create it from code bits in your possession. They may also be highlighted if the fragment is already owned by you. If the fragment is red you do not have the necessary code bits to make it and will have get more before you go any further. Finally you may see that a special red fragment is required to make the item. If you do not own this you will also have to locate it to proceed. Tips for getting more Code Bits or Red fragments are included further on in this guide.

Before I describe the tool, it's worth pointing out that the easiest way to compile items from their code is in the loading area. Simply click on any item codes in your code archive (you'll know them because they look like the item with an additional green border) and click the green compile button to make the item. This is quicker than compiling from inside the matrix and has no chance of failure.

So why use a compiler tool?

The tool gives you a menu of all the item codes you have made and are in your code archive, essentially easier to scan through. Also, if you are compiling to trade to another charater you can more easily review and discuss what you should compile and then trade the item. All this is of course possible from your loading area but the tool makes the process easier to manage.

To use the tool you'll need to have the programmer compile ability loaded, note this is not required by players wishing to compile in the loading area. Once you open the tool, and if you have item codes uploaded in your code archive you'll see a list of items you can compile. Simply select the item, click on compile and you're away. Note that you don't need code bits to compile from a blueprint, just $info and time. If you don't have anything in your code compiler and you've made an item code, you haven't uploaded it to your code archive yet.