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MxO - Discipline Basics
Matrix Online Guides - Strategies - Tips


Every character starts out with the ďAwakenedĒ Discipline loaded. This is your basics, such as running, jumping, hyper jumping. This discipline tree will get stronger as your character gets stronger. It is a good measure of how powerful your character is. These abilities are available to every discipline so you donít have to worry about wanting to be a coder and not being able to jump high, or something like that.. From there you can branch out into 3 separated Disciplines

The Coder

The Coder has taken the first steps to understand how to shape and form the code of the Matrix into useful items and even pets. They manipulate and create code to generally benefit themselves. Warping items in and out of the matrix.. They arenít an offensive powerhouse like the operative. And arenít as versatile as the Hacker. However the Coder's ability to create items and summon simulacra lets him hold his own in any group. Simulacra is the same as ďpetsĒ in other games. They fight along side the coder, and can tank, or if you choose to they can stand back and offer support fire while you tank.

This Discipline is good for gamers who like to solo. Being a pet class obviously sets you apart from other classes. Summoning items are useful as well.

Physically this is one of the weakest classes when it comes to combat. They are useful, however Coder disciplines focus more on utility then specialize in fighting in particular.

The Hacker

The Hacker discipline is the first step towards understanding how everything and everyone is interconnected in the Matrix. Hackers are able to use these connections to send harmful viruses to corrupt the code of enemies (Nuke spells), patch up the code of allies using Restore Health 1.0 (Healing spells), and can make it harder for enemies to engage them in close combat or interlock with Gaussian Blur 1.0 .(helps you avoid combat) Hackers also possess the ability to break into computers in the Matrix, exposing secrets some would prefer to keep hidden. Hackers are similar to casters. They Can do major damage as well as Heal there allies. Later down the discipline you are able to specialize in certain areas of Hacking.

This class is highly sought after by groups. They can do immense damage as well as heal there party members. Also they are able to hack doors and gain entry to places that would be inaccessible otherwise.

While you are in interlock (hand to hand combat) You cant use your healing spells, so be careful. Soloing can be difficult due to the nature of this discipline. Getting into interlock can mean losing a lot of your abilities

The Operative

The Operative discipline focuses on mastering the movements of the Matrix in order to do tremendous feats of agility and strength.. Abilities in the Operative discipline tree will make you a strong fighter in the matrix. Your main goal is combat. Whether lining up trick shots with a rifle or devastating opponents with martial arts finesse, Operatives are constantly striving to improve how they use the Matrix in order to enhance themselves and their combat techniques. This is not just a click autoattack and sit back class. If youíre careless you will find yourself losing most battles. An operative is unmatched in pure power if they are prepared

This discipline grants users a high health regeneration during downtime. This class is unmatched when it comes to fighting. Also they can drag a foe into interlock even if he doesnít want to enter it.

As an operative you have no real utility, youíre a good ranged fighter as well as an martial arts master, but you canít heal or nuke, or create any items.

These are just the 3 main branches. Each branch splits into sub branches, and those split into even smaller more specialized branches. This creates a large variety and diversity among the players. It is similar to EQ2ís class system. There are 70 disciplines in total. The matrix is a huge world where you can enter any building and explore every room. Nothing is better than jumping from building to building. This game is very similar to CoH in many aspects. However it improves on what the concept of that game was.