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MxO - Selective Phage
Matrix Online Guides - Strategies - Tips


Selective Phage is a specialist in aggressive and offensive viral attacks, normally against a single opponent as well as powerful anti-physical combat downgrades. Unlike the other hacker options at this level, it doesn't have any attacks useful against a group of opponents (pathogenist) or stun/hold attacks (network hacker).


Resist Virus (Transmit Virus 6)

With this ability, you increase your chance to deflect incoming viral attacks, avoiding damage altogether. It is not the same as the previous ability in the tree - virologist - which only reduces the damage received from successful viral attacks.

Disrupt Inputs 1.0 (Resist Viruses 12)

This ability will blind your opponent for 30 seconds. It is one of the most powerful abilities in the game for a hacker of any level who needs to fight in interlock, or avoid gun fire, since it significantly downgrades your opponent's combat tactics.

Logic Barrage 2.0(Resist Viruses)

A more powerful version of the Hacker's Logic Barrage ability, with a higher damage output of 36 - 144 points.

Overload 1.0 (Disrupt Inputs 1.0, Resist Viruses 14)

This ability reduces your opponent's combat tactics by 10 points for 30 seconds, improving your performance in interlock or your chance to hit/avoid being hit with a gun. It is significantly less effective than its predecessor, Disrupt Inputs 1.0, which alone is sufficient to seriously cripple an opponent. You probably won't have much use for it over what Disrupt Inputs already provides.

Processor Lag 1.0 (Logic Barrage 2.0, Resist Viruses 10)

While this viral attack (Damage Over Time or DoT) applies 5 damage every 5 seconds for 30 seconds, it is significantly less than its predecessor. It is rarely useful compared to other options available.

Selective Phage (Logic Barrage 2.0, Resist Viruses 15, Disrupt Inputs 1.0)

This is a great upgrade for any professional hacker. It increases the rate at which you regenerate inner strength so you can attack ability duration, increases your concentration so you're less likely to stop casting if you're attacked, as well as increases the overall damage that your viruses apply. You're well on your way to becoming a train stopping viral master with the Selective Phage.