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Movies: Story Cinematics

The plotlines and story arcs of The Matrix Online will begin immediately after the end of The Matrix trilogy. These movie cinematics will be unlocked as players interact with and advance the overall storyline of The Matrix.

Chapter One: Episode One
"I guess there's a few glitches in the system yet, since the Smith business. Nothing ever goes just right."

Download - Large 55 MB | Small 22 MB | Windows Media

Chapter One: Episode Two
"Why won't they give up his remains?! They say they haven't recycled them! They belong in Zion, a holy place! He saved us... he saved them... he saved saved the Matrix!"

Download - Large 80 MB | Windows Media

Chapter One: Episode Three
"It wasn't us. You have as good a chance of finding out who killed him as we do."

Download - Large 72 MB | Small 30 MB | Windows Media